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Sperrkonto: Opening a blocked account in Germany

23.04.2018 - Artikel

One way of proving in the visa application procedure that you have sufficient financial means is a blocked bank account.

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You can prove in the visa application procedure that you have sufficient financial means, for example in order to demonstrate that you are able to meet your living costs, with a blocked or limited-withdrawal account (“Sperrkonto”) in Germany, in which you pre-pay a certain amount of money and from which you can only withdraw a fixed amount per month.

Technically every bank may grant you a blocked account, but the embassy is not aware of any banks in Denmark that provide this service at the moment.

You can find more information and a list of providers in Germany here.

Certification at the embassy

If you need a certification for your application, please book two consecutive appointments (“Unterschriftsbeglaubigungstermine”) on the website of the Embassy and bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • the application of the bank (filled out but not yet signed)
  • your passport
  • a copy of you passport’s data sheet (black/white)
  • a copy of the admission letter from the German university
  • evidence of the source of the money you want to transfer (e.g. bank statements)
  • a pre-paid envelope with the address of the bank
  • the fee of approximately 150,- DKK in cash

After your appointment, the German Embassy will send the completed, certified and signed application to the bank. You will receive the information about your bank account directly from the bank. Afterwards, you transfer the required amount to your blocked account and send proof of it to the Embassy.

Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Syria

Citizens from Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Syria may also open a blocked account. However, they are required to apply for a visa first. After being granted a visa the Embassy will issue a confirmation which must be presented to the bank for opening the account.

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