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Visa information in English

At the time of issue of a national visa, proof of a valid health insurance must be submitted.

The insurance (either a single or group insurance) can be contracted by the traveller or by the host in Germany.

You must be able to prove that you are actually insured, which can only be documented by the original policy. Should you wish to submit a printout, please include the payment receipt and mark the relevant passages in the insurance policy or submit a certificate of insurance by the provider.

Regular travel health insurances are generally insufficient. Travellers should submit either proof of German statutory health insurance or contract sufficient private health insurance in Germany. So-called “incoming” health insurances are accepted. The visa will usually be issued for the entire period at once if you plan to stay for up to a year. In all other cases, the visa will usually be issued for 6 months, or 3 months in the case of subsequent immigration of family members.

As a general rule, travellers must provide proof of sufficient health insurance coverage for the period of validity of the visa or until the traveller has contracted a German health insurance for his/her stay in Germany.

This text is based on information given to and experiences made by the German Embassy in Copenhagen at this particular time. We assume no liability whatsoever for the content provided.

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